The death of CryptoWhale

How one of the most influential accounts on Twitter for cryptocurrency got suspended.

The death of CryptoWhale
How one of the most influential accounts on Twitter for cryptocurrency got suspended.

On account of #twitter banning #cryptowhale. I did not agree with @cryptowhale and what he posted, but to be honest, this account suspension was something that was bound to happen. It was only a matter of time. Sure, in hindsight this is easy to say, but it is true.

Despite his checkered past, on which many people have investigated and commented, he continued to grow his presence on Twitter. Very strongly.

The problem that you run into, is that the koolaid that you're drinking, you get high on it. As they said in the movie Scarface "Never get high on your own supply." That is exactly what happened to Randy AKA Cryptowhale.  He got high on his own supply.

When he had about 100,000 followers, you could clearly see he had the ability to do both good and justice to his followers, but he went down the rabbit hole he never should have gone there in the first place.

In short, he turned toxic.

Almost everything he tweeted about was against bitcoin. #Bitcoin is a Ponzi Scheme, #Bitcoin is trash. The #BitcoinCrash is going to happen. Next week. See, I told you so. #Bitcoin is going to go to zero, etc. The maxis are bad, etc. It became to a point he simply would not stop. He would just NOT stop.

The hatred he spewed was like a virus amongst a large variety of his followers, who hated all that he hated. When his #Twitter follower numbers swelled past 250,000 it was almost like a madman scenario.

Dr. Jekyll, meet Mr. Hyde!

The newsletter, he claimed he has over 100,000 folks subscribed to it, again, he could have done so so much good. But he was literally biting his nails-obsessed with the antithesis of everything bitcoin.

I wish we had the capability to scroll back on his tweets. They were simply dark, of hate, vile, and morally just plain corrupt.

I even replied to his newsletter a couple of times. In the hope of perhaps "shaking" him and saying wake up dude! This negativity is not good. But like anything and anyone trying to persuade him (i.e. @cryptowhale) in any direction other than a negative one, fell on deaf ears.

When his #twitter follower numbers blew past 400,000 - all hope was lost. He was living in a delusional world of his own. Friends and I often wondered how Randy, aka @cryptowhale / #cryptowhale, would wake up every day. I knew nothing about his alleged fraudulent activities, but from a perspective of just running the Twitter account and the newsletter, you'd have to be a real gutter leech to put out what he did, all day long. Hatred and vile. Hatred and vile.  Hatred and vile.

I bet a lot of people would have given a lot just to have the number of followers he had, and actually do good. What is the use of calling your account Crypto Whale, if all you are going to be talking about is the doom of Bitcoin and how you are right about this or that, with every downturn movement made by #bitcoin ?

It should be no surprise that such a day would come. In one go, he lost his 500,000+ followers #Twitter account for @cryptowhale and I am not too sure about his mailing list. You cannot duplicate such success so easily.

His epitaph would read: Died by his own poison.

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