Notion: It will change your life.

Notion. The best knowledge management app there is to get organized.

I've been meaning to write about Notion for a while now. Before I start on it - let me take a few steps back on our note-taking tasks. Typically when it comes ot note-taking, we open word, google Docs, or even notepad and start typing away. For Apple users, this is usually the Notes app. I used to do the same. For years. 1,000s of swipe files literally, and it was a jumble-mumble.

If you want to get organized, there are many note-taking apps. The one that I would recommend that would also make your work really good is something called Notion.

The website of Notion is

You and go there and sign-up for free. Notion is much more than just a note-taking app. That just happens to be one functionality of it. Almost all our business, meaning the business of my company is built on Notion and we use it extensively.

Once you understand the power of Notion, there is so much more you can do with it. For example, I noticed in some zoom meetings people were taking hand notes. Once done, use your phone to take pictures of your hand notes and place them in the notes section in Notion. Add the necessary tags and you are golden.

Once the human mind learns to be organized (we think we know, but in honesty, we do not), at least not all of it, then you start to realize the possibilities of what can be done. Think of something as simple as Microsoft Word. You can do a zillion things on a word processor and look how far we have come.

Notion takes the same idea that Microsoft Office provides in various tools, and runs with it. Adding things like database, spreadsheets, linking & embedding, tags, pages within pages, within a database, etc. And all of this is done in a manner that does not involve code.

No-code as the saying goes. You can manipulate data, view it, sort it, categorize it, and share it in a way that is uber-efficient and to your liking and work style.

Only when you have mastered, rather let me correct myself when you have learned Notion to a level where you are comfortable with it... then I should add, on a serious note, that is just the start. From there onwards you can do so much more with Notion and many other professional providers who have spent countless hours making paid and non-paid content for others to consume and better their lives.

One such name I would highly recommend and that you start with is Thomas J. Frank. His page is at:

Go through this course, one day at a time. Repeat a couple of times if you do not understand it. Till, such time you are super comfortable with it and then move on to the next section.

I promise you will only better yourself. Nothing else.

Reach out to me if you need any help. Peace.

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